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... Innovative Compound Research Integrity for Biology


LiCONiC is driven by its position as the world’s leading provider of a broad spectrum of off-the-shelf and custom made automated storage solutions for numerous applications: from providing incubation of plates and other labware within various climates and conditions to storing of the high value biosamples and compounds. LiCONiC products are often integrated into large and complex systems. The universal user-friendly hardware and software interfaces make the integration of LiCONiC systems both simple and smooth.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic:
March 20th, 2020
Dear Colleagues, Dear Business Partners,

Given the evolving dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to personally get in touch to let you know how we at Liconic are responding to the various challenges of this serious situation.

Servicing customers’ interests will continue to be our prime objective in this crisis. We are committed to do everything to support our customers in accordance with the safety of our employees, customers and the public. We are constantly monitoring the global situation and have been taking appropriate safety measures in accordance with the recommended guidelines by appropriate public health officials in their areas of operation around the world.

The current local situation will allow us to remain in full operation. Our long-term driven production policy now allows us delivery on a regular basis,

without shortages nor delays. Due to travel restrictions or in cases where an on-site visit will not be possible, our service engineers will support you by remote access on your instrument, over the phone or via video conferencing.

Due to probable bottlenecks in goods transportation, we may have to ask you for your patience and understanding in some cases. Our experienced colleagues from our shipment department will look for the best option in each case and will keep you informed with tracking information for your planning.

As things may change rapidly, we will constantly keep you informed about any future changes and developments.

Please stay healthy

Cosmas Malin

What's New:
iSTX Line from the brand new StoreX iSeries
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With the new iSTX Line LiCONiC advances further ahead in its position at the leading edge of the technology. The new iSTX Line offers unique new features which incorporates both, ideas from existing users and latest achievements by LiCONiC’s applications and development groups.

    • I found the company to be highly collaborative, working in partnership to develop innovative sample storage solutions. The overhead sample picking design is an example of such, minimising the energy consumption, running cost and environmental impact of the store.
    • The products were robustly engineered, with intelligent backup incorporated into the design e.g. dual cooling compressors and LN2 cooling option, in the event of a prolonged power outage.
      The service support was always excellent, with a quick response by phone, email or in person, as required.
      A particularly appealing feature, is the user friendliness of the store software. It enabled lab technicians, with limited training to load and unload the store, without supervision. Equally the link between the stores database and the LIMs system was straightforward.
      I have no hesitation in recommending LiCONiC as an excellent provider and partner for a Biobank looking for a reliable, user friendly sample store, that, critically, will be well supported in the long term.

      Paul Downey, MBA
      Senior Scientific Development Manager
      Imperial College London
Providing solutions for:
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      Biospecimen sample management has always been and remains the main field of market success for LiCONiC due to unmatched equipment reliability based on experience in low temperature automation, proprietary refrigeration technology and well-thought-out software architecture.

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    • Drug Discovery
      Pharmaceutical industry invests billions in research to find new therapies to an endless number of diseases and improve our quality of life. LiCONiC provides high throughput automated storage solutions that can handle libraries of hundreds of thousands of compounds that may be potential candidates for development as medical treatment.

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    • Genomics
      LiCONiC tracks the needs of the fast developing interdisciplinary field of science focusing on the structure, function, evolution, mapping, and editing of genomes providing custom made robotics solutions for sophisticated research initiatives partnering in its implementation with top industry leaders.

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    • Biologics
      The complex world of molecular biology, microbiology, cellular biology and synthetic biology research strives for sample integrity. It is commonly necessary for samples to be stored at high volumes with high throughput processes and zero temperature variability. LiCONiC biolibraries meet these specialized needs offering additional significant variability in container types to be implemented.

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    • Bloodbanking
      An average blood bank collects and stores tens of thousands of blood bags per year. Storage of blood components is the last manufacturing process in blood establishments that is not automated. LiCONiC as an industry pacemaker spots new markets for biological material storage thus setting standards ahead of the competition.

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    • Agricultural Biology
      LiCONiC looks into the agriculture industry as potential customer for a variety of its solutions: from automated incubators to sophisticated biorepositories. Constant contact with scientist led to the development of the unique systems that opening unprecedented research possibilities which help to modify living organisms.

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    • Robotic Integration
      The most widely known application of laboratory automation technology is laboratory robotics used to increase the efficiency of scientific research in laboratories. The implementation of LiCONiC technology integrated with other laboratory automation systems and IT systems makes movement of the specimen through the laboratory possible.

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    • Custom Mades
      LiCONiC has out-of-the-box systems for automated storage of any sample, however we are specialized in customized solutions for any project. If either space constraint, unique labware, high temperature incubation, ultra-low temperature storage, special humidity, ultra-high speed or linear/orbital shaking is your requirement LiCONiC is able to provide solutions it due to its unrivalled experience and R&D potential.

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