... Innovative Compound Research Integrity for Biology
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... Innovative Compound Research Integrity for Biology
LiCONiC is driven by its position as the world’s leading provider of a broad spectrum of off-the-shelf and custom made automated storage solutions for numerous applications: from providing incubation of plates and other labware within various climates and conditions to storing of the high value biosamples and compounds. LiCONiC products are often integrated into large and complex systems. The universal user-friendly hardware and software interfaces make the integration of LiCONiC systems both simple and smooth.

This Year is LiCONiC's 30th Anniversary!
On this special occasion, we extend our special thanks to all our customers, suppliers and co-workers, for your trust and support which has always been our biggest driver during 30 years of growth and success!

For 30 years LiCONiC Instruments has been serving automation needs for the Life Science and Compound Storage applications requiring tightly controlled environmental conditions, with temperatures ranging from -196C to +200C, humidity levels from extremely dry to extremely humid, and configurable gassing compositions.

LiCONiC’s total commitment to providing leading edge automated storage and retrieval technology has supported research and development in Drug Discovery, Biobanking, Health Care, Agriculture, and Compound Science. Thousands of field installations have proven high performance, reliability, flexibility, and user friendly hardware and software.

Integration with other devices is easy and supported by universal tools. Users of LiCONiC technology enjoy:

  • Application proven technology
  • Large variety of specialized options and applications
  • Continuity of design evolution and manufacturing practices
  • Long term staff expertise and product support

  • LiCONiC is looking forward to continuing our commitment to excellence through partnerships!
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