LiCONiC at the Helmholtz, Munich

Largest sample storage in Germany

21 Million samples
The largest gene samples cryostorage system in Germany was inaugurated in the Helmholtz Zentrum München.
21 million samples of blood, urine or saliva are collected in the "Nako Biorepository". Samples are stored in huge, fully automated tanks frozen at -80 or -180°C. So far there are 11 million and stored during last 5 years.
The origin of this project takes place in NAKO Health Study, the largest long-term population study in Germany. Study, which is funded by the federal government and research institutions is trying to find an answer to a question which factors contribute to the development of a certain disease. Until mid 2019, 200 000 Germans aged 20-69 will be medically examined including using a whole-body MRI.

That's why the biorepository in Munich was created. Around two-thirds of all biosamples in the NAKO study are to be stored here for thirty years. The new building in Munich has two storage systems. First - a square, about 5 meters long freezer in which 2.7 million samples can be stored at -80. Second one consisting of large hall 23 nitrogen tanks is located in a new building. Each of them can accommodate 1 million biosamples - stored at -180°C. The whole sampling refrigerator will be run only by a computer system.
Source: LiCONiC press materials
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