MLL goes for LiCONiC Biobanks

1.2 Million samples
MLL goes for LiCONiC Biobanks
January 2019
LiCONiC is proud to be a supplier of automated sample storage solutions for the Biobank of MLL (Münchner Leukämielabor) GmbH – leading institution in Germany for leukemia diagnostics and research. Our customer receives every year more than 75 000 samples and stores approximately 1,2 million specimens collected in the last 13 years.
MLL decided to implement first STC System from LICONIC back in 2015 but in order to robotically handle growing sample collection another sibling STC system was installed in 2018. Both systems operate in -80°C environment and store tubes with 2D barcodes uniquely assigned to a patient which allows samples to be automatically retrieved as requested.

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